Tebeje, Ainalem, Auteure

Position: Auteure


A former journalist, Ainalem Tebeje who came to Canada as a refugee is of Ethiopian origin. A product of diverse academic systems, Ainalem was educated in three continents: She has a B.A. in Literature from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, a Master of Journalism from Carleton University and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication from India.

In Canada, Ainalem had spent 25 years in the Canadian federal public service; holding different positions in several departments. She retired in 2017.


My Love Story in Broken English

Ainalem is author of two books. Her debut novel, My Love Story in Broken English, is dedicated to Canada as a token of her gratitude for having found home here. The book is designed to serve as an education tool on gender equality.

In her book, Ainalem tells a compelling story of love, loss and triumph of a young bride who ends up coming to Canada as a refugee. In doing so, Ainalem seeks to shed light on the harmful cultural practices of FGM, child/forced/early marriage, virginity test and the attitudes and practices against women who are or suspected to be infertile.