O’shea Adagio


O’Shea Adagio, creator, producer, and host of the award-winning Vintage Love show on CKCU 93.1FM, began his love affair with radio as a young child. 

With his father, a self-taught guitar player, singer, and an art teacher.  His mother, a classically trained pianist and piano teacher, it was inevitable that the love of music would flow through his veins. Vintage Love is the culmination of these two passions intersecting.

 Vintage Love features Reggae music, one of the many contributions to the world from the island of Jamaica.  However, his love of music expands far beyond this, including R&B, Hip Hop, Country, Soul, Classical, Rock, and more. This love of music beyond Reggae, inspired “After Hours”, a show also created and hosted by Mr. Adagio but this time, featuring Slow Jams, Soul, and R&B of a more “late night” theme.   After Hours graced the airwaves of CKCU for two years, ending its run of smooth romantic grooves, in 2017.  Vintage Love, however, continues and this year celebrated its 16th anniversary.

 O’Shea prides bringing to the airwaves what he calls, “Respectful Radio”, ensuring that his programs could entertain the young and old, Black, White and any and everyone in between. There are no parental advisories here.  Vintage Loves’ motto, “Playing With Those Memories Again” - keeps Jamaican and Caribbean music both new and old, alive.  Tune into Vintage Love and you will be sure to hear music that will have you smiling, dancing, reminiscing, maybe romancing and singing along. Vintage Love has received recognition and honors by organizations such as Chale and the winner of the Caribbean Music and Entertainment Awards (CMEA) for Top Reggae Radio program in Canada.  O’shea has been interviewed on Rogers Television and on Midweek.  Vintage Love has played for weddings and events such as The MEC Bikefest, Capital Velo Fest, and more. 

 O’shea Adagio works full-time in education, taking pride in making sure the next generation is supported through their academic careers.

O’shea has a wide range of passions beyond music and radio that include sports, culinary creations, cycling, gardening, cars and he is an avid driving enthusiast and adventurer.

 Vintage Love airs every Saturday night from 10 pm to 12(midnight)EST on CKCU 93.1FM and at ckcufm.com.  It is also available 24/7 On Demand through the station's website.

After Hours is available On Demand at https://cod.ckcufm.com/programs/483/index.html?filter=all