Duclair, Debora


Debora Duclair
Born in Montreal, Quebec in 1974. Raised a Christian family where my father was ministering as a leader of several congregations. After his passing in 1980, my family moved to New Jersey and then Ottawa to come back to Montreal. Fast tracking to 2022, I've been through many challenges in my life such as; the lost of my father, not knowing who I am, LUPUS, divorce, depression, Ovarian Cancer (7 years). I am a single mother of a 24 year old son.
I manage to work the ranks of corporate later and now I am part of the leadership team at FedEx Canada since 1998. I've completed a certificate in business Communication and Mental Health in the Workplace. I am actively fulfilling the role in Human Resources and Customs Management. I am a member of the Ovarian Cancer Canada-Quebec team, lead organizer of the Walk of Hope Montreal.
I published my first book to communicate to others my story and to create awareness of the disease. I feel that there is not much representation of the Haitian community and awareness of Cancer of any form or gender. My goal is to bring awareness, open the lines of communication and be a support for those who need it.
I am also in working progress of my second book.

I am a positive person with a message of hope, integrity, love and strength who is willing to learn from others and grow as an individual.

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Pain, Hope and Beauty.